Top 9 Digital Marketing Trends to watch out for 2022

It’s time to create the digital marketing strategy for 2022. But before that, we should know the latest trends to work on the current techniques and strategies. In this post, I have put together the nine digital marketing trends for 2022.

1. Video Marketing Will Grow

A video is becoming the most popular channel in digital marketing trends and if utilized properly then can yield better results. It can have the positive impact on the business as it can successfully draw the attention of the audiences. Brands are creating video content to boost the search engine ranking, improving engagement and website traffic.

2. Voice Search Will Rise

Voice search is becoming extremely popular whether it is from desktop or smartphones and by 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice search. It is important to optimize for voice search through long tail keywords. Content Marketers play a key role as it is difficult to add long tail keywords in the post but they make the whole task look very simple.

3. Artificial Intelligence will grow in 2022

The presence of AI has already been felt this year through big data, Internet of Things and Machine Learning. In 2022, it will contribute more towards its full potential. It can be seen in chat bots during the personalization of user experience. It also helps in making the decision simpler through predictive marketing.

4.  Brands will Invest in Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is key to success in 2022 when it comes to digital marketing trends and it is worth to invest in it. People prefer to buy the products based on personal recommendations of the influencers. Influencers can create the branding on the social media channels. They have the strong follower base or blog to promote the products or services of the brand.

5. Personalization will be Key to success

Personalized posts are the key to success in 2022. Whether it is social media posts, emails or landing pages, use the power of personalization. It helps in driving the massive traffic to the site and results in the conversion as well.

6. SEO & Content Marketing Integration

SEO and Content Marketing should be integrated to drive the conversions to the site. Long tail keywords will be helpful in providing the first page rankings. SEO Analyst should search the long tail keywords and content marketers will help in placing those keywords rightly in the post to look natural. This will result in optimization and web pages will appear higher in the search results. Content Marketers also help in making the magnetic headline and compelling meta description in order to get higher click-through rates.

7. Growth of Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is growing as the number of mobile users is increasing day by day. People check their mobile almost 50 times a day. The site should be responsive design or mobile friendly. Mobile SEO is necessary to stay ahead in the competition

8. Popularity of Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a powerful tool when it comes to digital marketing trends. People are highly active on social media so it should be explored for opportunities for lead generation or sales. Live video, Instagram stories, Facebook messenger ads are trending features which should be utilized while performing social media marketing in 2022.

9. User Experience Marketing will Increase

Create personalized experience using chatbot when they visit your website. Provide proper navigation with fewer popups on the site. Most of the searches are through mobile so make the mobile-friendly site.


These are the digital marketing trends for 2022, start exploring them in your digital marketing strategy to boost the performance of the brand.

Over to You!

Share your comments below which trend you followed or would like to add to the above list for 2022.

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