5 Important Factors of AR & VR Influence eCommerce Sites

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The brick and mortar of any eCommerce site are getting sales. Amid COVID 19, the biggest trend that emerged is online shopping. Now, a lot of consumers are dependent on online shopping and getting everything at home with just one click. AR & VR has played a significant role in every business and not just the eCommerce site like real estate and many more.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is basically a 3D model that an eCommerce site used as an app to sell the products or services to serve more contextual information to the users.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is the scenes and objects that are immersed in the environment to showcase the real look. Basically, it is a helmet or headset.

Role of AR & VR in eCommerce

“According to a survey, an appalling 78.65% of shoppers abandon their carts before completing a purchase”

The role of Augmented Reality & Virtual reality in eCommerce sites or retail stores is as follows

1. Build Awareness in Consumers

They help in developing awareness by engaging the consumers through innovative marketing techniques of AR & VR. This not helps in building the big giants but also the start-ups. Awareness is a key aspect for any eCommerce brand to grow and establish a presence in an online market.

2. Convenience and Comfort Sitting at Home

They help consumers to experience the first-hand retail store through the comfort of their home. This way consumers can explore more products and help the brands to leverage their sales. It also helps in increasing the shopping as consumers can buy instantly from their shopping list.

3. Cost Savings & Contributing Huge Profits

No more standing in a queue and waiting for the turn, consumers can fast and take the look of catalog and take the decisions instantly and make purchase contributing to the unexpected sales for the retail store. Even big giants like Myntra added the “Try & Buy” feature to their app. This not only helps in saving time but also shopping based on interest and can save from long return or refund processes of the shopping apps.

4. Real-life Simulation through AR & VR

Customers can now create an immersive experience that is capable of simulating real life. This enhances the ROI and sale conversions generating profits to the retail store. It also helps in seeking immediate attention completely transforming the shopping experience and product sales cycle.

5. Maximize Sales & Conversions

As through AR & VR, consumers can experience great satisfaction, it helps in the retention of consumers in the sales cycle and further showcase the products or services based on consumer’s interest. This can significantly contribute to maximizing the sales and conversions in any eCommerce brand or business. The technology is engaging and contributes to a 360-degree shopping experience for the consumers.

The role of AR & VR is significantly increasing the digital experience in online shopping and sales on eCommerce platforms.

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