Top 5 Content Marketing Trends That Will Rule in 2022

Content Marketing is evolving at a very fast pace among all the Digital Marketing channels. It is the backbone of all digital techniques. Thus we need to adapt the content marketing trends not for this year but for the coming years too.

Top 5 Content Marketing Trends

1.   Content Optimized for Mobile

This is one of the most important contents marketing trends. With the growing number of mobile users every year, it is important to optimize the content for mobile. Otherwise, you will lose the mobile traffic for your site by huge numbers. You can use Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMPs to load the content at a faster rate on mobile devices with the utilization of very little data. This will result in increasing the mobile traffic to the site significantly.

2.     Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook is dominating the entire market as it is the primary channel of marketing for SMEs and large enterprises. Facebook Instant articles are getting a lot of attention as they are fast and responsive. They load at ten times faster than mobile web articles. According to the survey, the abandonment rate of the Facebook instant article is 70% less than normal articles. On average, Facebook Instant Articles are read more than 20%.

3.  Visual Content

Visual content is preferred by the audience as it looks appealing and interesting. As social platforms are growing such as Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest, visual content is getting a lot of popularity. You can easily create attractive images and infographics using Canva and Piktochart tools. People like to share visual content more so don’t forget to utilize this important content marketing trend in your campaigns.

4.    Video Content

Embedding video in the content is the key to increasing the average time spent on the site. It boosts the performance of the site and enhances the rankings in the search engines. You can use the content in the video to target the audience. With social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you can go live and target the audience with the video content. You can also target the video content on social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and engage your followers with your brand.

5.   User Generated Content

User-generated content is created by the audience than the brand itself. It is helpful in building credibility and authority among the users. They create content such as videos, pictures, testimonials, tweets, blog posts. Users trust this content as there is transparency and the content is authentic. User-generated content can be in the form of a story and people prefer reading it. People trust the recommendations of the users than the branded content.

The Bottom Line

Incorporate these content marketing trends in your digital activities. These will leverage your content efforts and you will definitely see a boom. It will not only help in the growth of your business or company in 2022 but also in the coming years. 

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