Step by Step Process to Perform Competitive Analysis

Whether you are already performing SEO or starting from scratch, competitor analysis is a key task that needs to be performed on regular basis to know where your brand stands and how much work needs to be done to outperform them on the SERPs. Here is the simple step-by-step process to perform competitive analysis.

Competitor Analysis isn’t one time process but will yield better results if performed regularly

Simple Steps to Perform Competitor Analysis

Step 1 – Know your buyer persona

If you need to outperform your competitors, then you need to identify the buyer persona or the terms people may use to land on your page. Are they using industry jargon or descriptive phrases or where exactly they are searching in the buying cycle? You can also spy on the keywords your competitors are ranking for and target them in your landing pages or blog posts if they are part of your persona targeting.

Actionable Tip – Prepare the list of topics and keywords based on competitor analysis that you think are most important for generating conversions.

Step 2- Identify Main Competitors

Identifying competitors from time to time is an ongoing process. If you think that you have done the competitor research once and that will help you in the whole life cycle of SEO. Then, you will surely lose the insights about competitors as there may be chances that some of them are emerging and outperforming you on the SERPs. This requires research and you can always consult SEO services to get expert help.

Actionable Tip – Search for your top keywords including long tail and short phrases and see how many of them are competing on the first page if you’re landing there.

“It’s a myth that if you gain top 3 positions on SERPs then you will not decline. You need to understand the fact that regular SEO is essential for every brand”

Step 3- Research the Competition Scenario

Once you have analyzed the competitors, it’s time to analyze their SEO strategies and what they are doing differently to acquire the market. There are certain key tactics to help you identify this.

Actionable Tips

  • Try searching branded keywords in Google Trends which will give you insights into your performance in comparison with other competitors.
  • Google Alerts is a great tool to monitor your mentions and utilize them in your SEO strategy and improve your SEO performance.
  • Use ahref tool to mine the backlinks of competitors and make use of the competitor’s online presence.

Step 4 – Try to Compete and not Imitate

 Understand the fact that it’s not a good practice to imitate each and every competitive strategy because you never know what exactly driving results for them? It’s not necessary that if they are landing at the top means they are also getting conversions for the same. These all also depend on the quality of products or services and pricing. You need to create your USP and differentiate yourself in the market to stand in the SERPs and get the conversions at the same time. Also, if you copy your competitors then you might be treated for duplicate content and get penalized. Create unique content, and remarkable products to stand out among the crowd.

Actionable Tip – Try to mine the valuable keywords and create your own meta tags and content. The aim of competitor analysis isn’t to imitate but to create a position for yourself in the market.

Step 5 – Create a Comprehensive SEO Strategy

After analyzing and researching in-depth all the above steps, it’s time to create your own SEO strategy. This includes content creation, meta tags development, creating backlinks, and social promotion. Wherever you are allocating your resources, you should definitely invest in SEO to drive the results as it is one of the most effective digital marketing channels to grow for the long term and maintain your position in the market and on SERPs.

Actionable Tip – You can always consult an SEO expert or hire me if you’re not a pro or not getting the results from your existing competitor’s Audit.

Best Luck with your Competitors’ Audits!!

Shruti Panwar

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