Resources or Content Marketing Tools

Resources are the team of Content Marketing including Content Writers, Content Curators, Content Strategists, Content Editors, Copywriters, Content research and ideation team, etc.

Content Marketing Tools are used by Content Marketers to ease the work in order to increase the efficiency of writing. Here is the list of all the content marketing tools.

List of Content Marketing Tools

1.Content Management System- These is necessary to manage all the content of your site with the help of plugins or easy to use dashboards if you don’t possess the knowledge of coding for the site.

HubSpot, WordPress, Blogger

2.Analytics & Measurement- It is crucial to measure the performance of the different content collateral in order to improve the performance of your content marketing efforts.

Google Analytics, HubSpot

3.Planning & Internal Communication- When you are working with a team, it is necessary to communicate properly within the team.

Asana, Google Drive, Trello

4.Grammar Check- Although you possess the writing skills and good in grammar but it is always better to double-check your content for the grammar and style errors.

Grammarly, Ginger, PaperRater, Pro Writing Aid

5.Plagiarism Checker- It is strictly recommended to write original and unique content to rank in the search engines.

SmallSEOTools, Copyscape

6.Content Bookmarking Tools- It’s always good practice to store the useful information so that you can refer it later. So utilize all the content bookmarking tools.

Evernote, Feedly

6.Knowledge Improvement Tools- you should always be updated by reading the latest news and articles about your industry to write an effective content.

Feedly, Alltop

7.Designing or Image Creation Tools- Visual elements attract visitors so use the below-mentioned tools to improve your content.

Canva, Piktochart, skitch. GIMP

8.Trends Checking Tool- Check the latest trends of the topic before writing to ensure you are writing latest or evergreen content.

Google Trends

9.Social Share Checking Tool- It is a good practice to check the latest trends of your topic in order to see its social value on the web.


10.Keyword Research Tools- If you are using good or high search volume keywords, then you are losing your chance to rank in the search engines. So choose the keywords which add value to your content.

SEMRush,,, Kwfinder, Long Tail Pro, Moz keyword research tool, Google Keyword Planner.

This list of content marketing tools will help you to plan, write and analyze your content in an effective way.

Hope this guide will help you to enhance your content marketing skills and to become a successful content marketer in your industry.