How to Use Hashtags on Twitter Effectively for a Business?

Every now and then we use hashtags but its proper usage is necessary to get the most out of your social marketing campaigns on Twitter and other social platforms. In this post, check how to use hashtags on Twitter effectively.

What is a Hashtag?

A Twitter hashtag is simply a pound sign (#) in front of the keywords without spaces. For example, #SocialMediaMarketing and #InboundMarketing both are hashtags. It is a clickable link and when someone clicks on it then it lands on a page featuring all the feeds related to that particular hashtag. Hashtags are good to utilize on social media posts on Twitter but they should be used properly to avoid mistakes in the conversation.

Benefits of Hashtags in Business

Hashtags on Twitter are the powerful tool than any other social media channel. Thus its proper usage is essential to get effective results during Twitter marketing. There are many benefits of hashtags- they provide instant traffic, quick engagements, add more information, people can find you and connect with you on Twitter. The most important of all the benefits they increase the reach of your posts to a larger audience.

How to Find Hashtags?

Finding popular hashtags and utilizing them is important for successful social media marketing campaigns. You can find the trending hashtags on the left side of the Twitter profile and you can even change the trends according to nearby cities or areas. Utilize tools such as

1.            Twitter search,

2.            Hashtagify,

3.            Trendsmap,

4.            Keyhole, etc.

You can even create your own hashtag related to your brand which will differentiate you in the competition to always stay ahead.

How to Use Hashtags on Twitter?

Here are some key points on how to use Twitter Hashtags effectively to get better results for Twitter marketing campaigns.

1.            Check the Trends

When you find the keyword or a phrase then search for that keyword by visiting Enter the keyword and check if it is already used or not. If it is already in use on many conversations then it is not worth using as there will be a lot of competition for your tweets.

2.            Use of Branded Keywords

Creating hashtags using branded keywords is the best way to stand out in the competition. When someone clicks then he will come to know all the conversations that are posted using that particular hashtag. This will help to get more engagements for the Twitter posts and traffic as well.

3.            Relevancy

Relevancy is the key to get success with hashtags. Always add the relevant hashtags that add value to your post content to attract followers and make your tweets clickable.

4.            Avoid Using Too Many Hashtags

Flooding your Twitter posts with too many hashtags isn’t the right practice at all. Add 1-2 hashtags which will provide you with better Twitter posts engagements. Remember that you have only 140 characters to write a tweet.

5.            Don’t Use Lengthy Hashtags

Try to read this Hashtag #dontuselengthyhashtags. So, you are finding it difficult to read. Right? Always use hashtags having two words and not more than that.

6.            Right Usage of Hashtags

Hashtags can be utilized in the beginning, in between the post or at the end depending on the content of the post. Here is the list of examples.

1.            #ThursdayTraffic How to Increase traffic to the site?

2.            Top ways to #ImproveTraffic to the site

3.            Top 5 Ways to Grow the Brand #BusinessTips #GrowthTips

Trending hashtags can be utilized on the Tweet in the beginning as illustrated in the first example above. But avoid using it if it doesn’t relate to your post.

Wrapping it up

Now that you know how to use Hashtags on Twitter, try to utilize them rightly on your social media Tweets and get more engagements.

Over to You

Share your views in the comments section below on how you use hashtags in your Tweets.

Happy Tweeting!

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