How to Repurpose Content to Double Your Traffic?

Repurposing content means you are using the same content in another form or channel to reach your target customers. There are many benefits of repurposing content. It gives you another opportunity to reach your target or new audience. At the same time, it allows you to rank in search engine result pages again. It also supports the consistency of your message on all the channels of marketing. Also, helps your content marketing team to create content on a regular basis.

Important Facts to be considered during Repurposing Content

1.            Check if the site is adding a canonical tag to the original content. The big sites like LinkedIn, Medium, Quora add canonical tags to the original posts.

2.            It should have a link in the beginning point to the main content or at the end written: “originally published on..”

3.            Add the “noindex” tag if you are adding to your site.

4.            Repurpose your content only to the authoritative sites.

5.            Only repurpose your best posts/pages or evergreen content.

6.            Update the Headline.

7.            Wait at least two weeks and then repurpose your content.

8.            Include internal links or link back to your site.

9.            Don’t forget to add a call to action button.

10.          Choose the right platform or type of content to repurpose.

Eight Steps on How to Repurpose Content

Step 1- Identify the content theme, format or template.

Step 2- Make a list of supporting topics and links.

Step 3- Choose the best topic of your site

Step 4- Create content for each supporting topic

Step 5- Download or create a template for a guide, ebook white papers.

Step 6- Complete writing the content.

Step 7- Recycle content and format it into another form.

Step 8- Update call to actions, publish and promote the content.

Check the below ten popular ways on how to repurpose content.

1. Turn Blog Posts into Guides- This is an effective way to double the traffic by converting blog posts into chapters of the guide in the form of PDF with suitable links. It helps people to get the details of their favorite topic at one place plus you can create a landing page to capture an email for downloads. Thus you can not only double the traffic by providing a useful guide but also get the list of emails who are interested in a particular topic.

2. Internal Statistics into Case Studies- You can utilize the internal data turning it to a case study. People like real examples and illustrations so you will get good traffic for your case studies.

3. A presentation into Slide Share- This is a good way to convert the presentations into slide share presentations and get searched in search engine result pages. In fact, you don’t have to write but just convert presentations into slide share presentations.

4. Turn Blog Posts into Quora QA- Quora is a popular site for finding the answers for the queries. Search the topic related to your blog posts in Quora. Write a unique and descriptive answer and link the relevant links of your blogs in the answer to drive traffic.

5. Blog Posts into Video- Videos are preferred channel for many people and also there is a huge rise in the videos in the past few years and continue to rise in years to come by. Turn your popular post into video and grow your video channel as well.

6. Blog Posts into Checklist- Pick the post or how to guide and turn it into a downloadable checklist. People like checklists and can increase the traffic to your site. You can also collect the data and target relevant content to people.

7. Webinars into Video Tutorial- You can save time for making videos by turning webinars in video tutorials. This helps to train the people who missed or didn’t attend your webinar. This also helps in earning money through repurposing content by training.

8. Blog Posts into Podcasts- Podcasts are a new way of learning as it is convenient to check everywhere. So turn the informative or educational post into podcasts and grow your traffic and podcast channel.

9. Turn Blog Posts into LinkedIn Posts- LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with the professionals. Repurposing content on LinkedIn is a very effective way to double your traffic and converting the connections into visitors of your site. 

10. Visual Content into Infographics- You can select your visual content and turn it into great infographics. Visual content is preferred by all so repurpose it and publish on popular sites including Instagram and Pinterest.

Now that you have learned how to repurpose content, use the above methods and quickly double the traffic to your site.