How to Improve CTR (Click Through Rate)?

CTR matters a lot whether it’s social media, organic rankings, paid or Google Ads. In order to entice a click, there are certain key tactics that need to be followed. Before knowing them to let’s first dive into the meaning of CTR.

What is CTR or Click Through Rate?

Click-through rate is defined as the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions. It is the key metric when it comes to improving the visibility of the brand and improving the conversion rate.  Most importantly, when more and more people click then the engagement rate is higher. For paid ads, 2% CTR is an average and anything above it is considered good. On the other hand, for Facebook 0.9% is an average CTR.

Improve CTR for Organic Results

1. Add Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are more specific terms that usually contain four or more keywords. Utilizing long tail keywords is a crucial part of SEO. They are more specific and based on the intent of consumers. As the consumers are looking for the exact keywords the CTR of the webpage is higher driving more traffic and conversions to the site. But remember to use them naturally. You can use tools such as Twinword, Longtail Pro, LSI Keywords to explore the long tail keywords and use them in the content.

2. Write Compelling Meta Description

You should try to be descriptive while writing the Meta description to entice the click. Visitors will really want to click if they get convinced by getting the information they are looking for. The description should be persuasive and compelling to get a response from the readers. There should be curiosity so try to explain enough that visitors try to click and read the web page. Include the target keywords so that users find the relevant keywords and click the results in SERP.  You can check how to write the compelling Meta description for more details.

3. Write Attractive Meta Title

You should write the Title for humans and not for the search engines. No matter what but make sure that the Title Tag is unique. You can check the impact it makes on the users by the tool called Headline Analyzer. There is a score allotted keeping in mind the usage of common, uncommon, powerful and emotional words. You can target one main keyword but it also makes sense to target the long tail keywords in the title to improve the CTR. When it comes to Blog writing then the listicle titles get more response so include it during the Title writing. For more details, check Title Optimization tips.

4. Schema MarkUps

Schema markup is the code that is put on the website to make the search engine results more noticeable. It helps in enhancing the Meta description to attract the searches and entice their clicks. Markups are the perfect way to promote a certain aspect of the website and communicate the right message to the users. There are different types of schema-

1. Product Reviews

2. Visuals or Video

3. Price Range

4. Organization

5. Schema Person Markup

6. Schema local business markup

7. Schema article markup

8. Event schema markup

You can easily generate the schema in JSON-LD code generator tool and test the code in structured data testing tool. Fix if there are errors otherwise apply the code directly in the header section of each page.

5. Use Descriptive URL

The URL should be clean and descriptive to attract the users and improve the CTR of the web page. The URL length, categories, and path affect the search results. When you publish the post, optimize the URL with target keyword, category, and subcategory. This will help to improve the visibility of the web page in search engines and increase its CTR. You can change the structure of URLs in settings>Permalinks of your WordPress dashboard. The ideal structure should be-

Improve CTR AdWords

1. Use all Ad Extensions

Enhance your ad copy by utilizing the extensions such as Sitelink ad extension, call extension, structured snippet extension, callout extension, review extension. Extensions add value to the users by providing additional relevant information.

2. Write attractive advert copy

If you want to attract potential customers then make a compelling advert copy. There should be a strong call to action so that customers click the ad. You can research the competitor’s ad copy and create an ad copy to outperform your competitors. Perform the split test to check which ad is performing well in the search engines.

3. Advert Display URL

The display URL can be used to add target keywords and improve visibility in the search engines. It is advisable to show the custom URL rather than the actual URL of the website. You have 30 characters in the URL breaking into two parts of 15 characters each.

4. Bidding

You should monitor the bid regularly so that it appears on the first page of Google. It should be high enough to get a decent click-through rate and cost-effective conversion rate. You can experiment with the bid positions and increase the bid incrementally.

5. Competitor analysis

You can check the competitor’s ad before creating the ad copy as you will get an idea of how to improve your campaign performance. In fact, you can perform split testing to check what’s working and what’s not.

Improving CTR of social media

Create a strong call to action by making the images clickable in social media posts. Add the link to your social media posts as there are more chances of clicks. Improve the reach of your posts by scheduling them considering the time and frequency. Create engagement which means more people will click on the posts. There is a huge importance of post headlines including its length in generating high clicks to the posts. Try to provide an understanding of the article to the users in the headlines. You should use powerful words such as a check, top, best, etc.

Improving the Email CTR

You should ask for the single or double opt-in to increase the chances of clicks by providing voluntary control over the emails. Create a magnetic subject line to attract users. Make the email mobile-friendly to target a larger audience. Personalize the email list to send customized content to the email subscribers. Remember to send the email at the right timing.

These are some of the effective ways to improve the CTR of organic results, paid results, social media, and email campaigns.

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