Growth Content Marketing, Best Practices and Tips

As a content marketer, you always have to stay updated with the latest news and happenings in your industry. At the same time, you need to provide growth hacking strategies in order to take your company to the new heights.

Growth Content Marketing Best Practices

  1. Know Your Content Marketing Funnel

You should have good knowledge of marketing and sales funnel as well as content marketing funnel. So that you can create the right content for right people by knowing their mindsets. Your weaknesses lie at the top of the funnel where there is broad audience or visitors. At the bottom of the funnel, lies your strengths where there are your buyers.

In order to turn visitors into leads and leads into sales, you need to create a bridge in the form of growth content marketing strategies. At the same time, you should check the metrics including traffic or visitors, qualify marketing leads, qualify sales leads. Also, monitor conversion rates, customer acquisition and customer retention rates.

If you don’t know the content marketing funnel well then you cannot explore the growth content marketing opportunities for the site.

2. Framework to Improve Content Marketing Funnel

By knowing the buyers in different stages of content marketing funnel, identify the growth marketing opportunities to convert the visitors into leads and leads into buyers. Perform tests to know the cost per acquisition I.e cost required to acquire customers. Follow the best content marketing practices to retain the existing customers as cost acquisition is more than cost retention. Also, plan the strategies  to drive new customers by shooting emails, posting blogs or writing white papers. Plan the content marketing process including ideation, content strategy, creation, promotion, measurement and its implementation to improve the growth of the company.

3. Involve Team

For better results in growth content marketing, involve your SEO and social media team to suggest all on page factors and SEO Writing tips, social media optimization tips. By combining the efforts of all, you can achieve the better growth in quick time with less money spent. Thus, you can contribute to have better return on investment of the business or company.

Growth Content Marketing Tips

Improve your marketing funnel by increasing conversion rates from the top of the funnel to the get conversions at the bottom of the funnel. To know what type of content to be targeted check content marketing funnel. Growth content marketing tips are essential to drive huge traffic and convert visitors into leads and leads into buyers and loyal customers. Here are the growth content marketing tips to increase the content marketing efforts significantly.

  • Create Attractive Headlines- Writing an effective headline is crucial to grab the attention of readers to read the post. If the headline is effective enough, it can increase the time spent on the site. In order to create an effective headline, check the score of your headline in Coschedule headline analyzer as shown in the below snapshot. To improve the headline score and make it catchy, add powerful, emotional and common words.
  • Add Social Sharing Buttons- It is important to add social sharing buttons at appropriate places in order to create an engagement and develop an authority and increase credibility of the site. Sharing buttons also develop a trust among the users. I have recently added the Social Warfare Plugin and it increased my traffic drastically i.e. 163%

  • Add Proper Call to Action- It is always important to add proper “call to action” buttons or texts for your audience to take an action or reach to the next level of communication. If call to actions are not properly added at proper places of the site. Then the posts will not be able to drive conversions from your content marketing efforts.
  • Use Relevant Pop Ups- It is important to add relevant pop ups to get engaged with an audience. Type of pop ups depends on the niche of a site. It is effective in adding the information of visitors and create their buyer persona to turn them into buyers. By using this information, it is easy to target the buyers and drive more conversions to the site. Optin Monster is a great plugin to convert the visitors into leads and leads into buyers. It is also the best WordPress plugin for lead generation and email marketing. Check out the benefits of adding optin monster to your site
  1. You can target the right type of audience
  2. Helps in sharing the content or blog posts at right time.
  3. It helps in reviving the old content of the site
  4. Effecting in building the audience by reaching them again and again.
  5. You can track and analyze the results.
  • Build Strong Online Reputation- It is important to promote the content and create the strong online reputation to earn the trust and maintain the authority of your site.
  • Repurpose Content: Repurposing content helps to provide an opportunity to reach your target customers again and connect with them to drive traffic and conversions.

  • Long Form Content- It is important to write long form content on the site especially the blog posts in order to provide strong signals to search engines. Post the long form content and adhere to white hat SEO techniques and follow Google Algorithm updates.This helps you to make search engines understand that you are providing valuable content and expert in your industry.

Check the content marketing tools and resources in the next chapter of this content marketing guide.