Everything You Should Know About the Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a powerful social networking channel with more than 229 million active daily users and should be utilized by businesses to grow brand awareness, leads and conversions. With over 500 million tweets posted every day, you have to be strategized and vigilant while using Twitter Marketing.

Some Interesting Facts about Twitter 2022

  • 52% of Twitter users in the US use the platform every day (Source: Statista)
  • 79% of Twitter users follow brands (Source: Twitter Agency Playbook)
  • The average Twitter user spends 3.53 minutes on the platform per session (Source: Statista)
  • Twitter drives 40% greater ROI than other social channels (Source: Twitter Agency Playbook)
  • You’re 2.3x more likely to meet your KPIs if you market new product launches on Twitter (Source: Twitter Agency Playbook)

How to Use Twitter Effectively?

  1. Optimize your Profile

There are certain places where you can optimize and customize your Twitter profile

  1. Twitter Handle – It is basically your username and this should be your brand name so that people can easily recognize and search for you. It is required when you sign up.
  2. Header – This is the background image and represents your brand so create a unique image for the header.
  3. Profile picture – This is the point of interaction and sits above the bio including your bio or anything that represents the brand.
  4. Bio – It is the 160 characters description where you can add the synopsis. You can include your mission statement or anything which is engaging.
  5. Website URL – Here you can add the company’s website to take the direct traffic to the website.

2. Host Twitter Chat

Hosting a chat is a good way to connect with your followers, discuss the topic, and take their opinions. In order to host the Twitter chat, you need to choose a topic, set a time, and create a hashtag for the chat. You have to share this host chat with your followers, on your website and wherever possible to promote it. Twitter chat is the best way for people to speak about the brand and share personal experiences.

3. Advertise on Twitter

Advertising through Twitter is the way to make your brand discoverable and boost sales. There are two ways to perform advertising on Twitter and they are

  • Promoted Tweets -This is the way to appear in Twitter streams or search results when someone is looking for your brand. You can select the correct type of audience and Twitter will promote to the set targeting.
  • Twitter Ads – Twitter Ads are a great way to increase the follower base and build brand awareness. You can also achieve other goals like app installs, video views, and website conversions. The price you need to pay for your ad is based on your select objective.

4. Drive Traffic to your website

You can drive massive traffic to your site through Twitter by adding a website URL in your profile and posting tweets regularly. Here are some of the ways to drive traffic to your site

  • Add website URL in bio
  • Incorporate links in your Tweets
  • Retweet the content shared about your brand by others
  • Embed Tweets on your website
  • Perform Twitter Advertising to land on specific pages on your website.

5. Get Verified on Twitter

If you’re in music, fashion, government, acting, sports, or business tycoon then Twitter can accept your request to get verified with a blue checkmark next to your Twitter handle. This actually symbolizes an authenticated account and prevents your users from impersonating and similar handles.

6. Build Your Follower Base

It’s a fact that if you have more followers then your content will be discoverable by more people. You will surely have a better chance to drive traffic to your site, build brand awareness and increase the follower count on your profile. Some of the ways to build followers base are

  • Make sure your content is shareable
  • Use trendy and unique hashtags
  • Create engaging content
  • Perform Twitter Influencer Marketing
  • Include links to direct traffic to your site
  • Be active on Twitter by following others and sharing their content so that they will do the same.

How to Create Effective Twitter Marketing Strategy?

An effective Twitter Marketing strategy means an actionable plan based on creating, publishing, and distributing the content to your Twitter audience taking into consideration the buyer persona. The main aim of the Twitter Marketing strategy is to attract new followers and boost sales.

8 Step Twitter Marketing Strategy

  • Audit your accounts
  • Set objectives or goals
  • Research your audience
  • Check out competitors
  • Create content guidelines
  • Create unique and engaging content
  • Make a content calendar
  • Measure and Analyze

The Bottom Line

Twitter is a powerful marketing platform so take the advantage of it by using it effectively and creating an outstanding Twitter marketing strategy to direct traffic to the site, increase follower base, build brand awareness and boost sales.

Shruti Panwar

I am Digital Marketer having almost 8 years of professional experience and am fond of doing SEO projects. Today where everything is digitalized, I have created this site to learn digital marketing online.