Everything You Need to Know About Google RankBrain

What is Google RankBrain?

RankBrain is the element of Google’s core algorithm which uses a machine-learning algorithm that Google utilizes to sort out the search results. It uses artificial intelligence to improve the search results and find a way to interpret new search queries. The main aim of search engines is to provide the best results in the least amount of time. RankBrain is considered to be the new ranking signal. In fact, it is the third most important factor that Google considers while ranking the search engines. Post-RankBrain it is considered that query runs through an interpretation model and displays the result based on location and personalization to determine the intent of the searchers.

How RankBrain Works?

RankBrain mainly work on two important factors-

1. Understanding the search queries

Earlier Google displays the results based on exact match keywords. But post-RankBrain Google shows the search results based on the intent of the searcher.

2. Measuring the interaction of people with the search results.

RankBrain follows an algorithm to measure the interaction of people with search results as shown in the image below.

RankBrain mainly depends on the following metrics.

1. Organic Click-through Rate

The more the click-through rate of the webpage, the chances of displaying the web page is higher. It is important to optimize the Meta tags to earn a high click-through rate for the webpage.

2. Session duration Time

The average time spent on the site should be higher to rank the page and maintain the position in the search engine result pages.

3. Bounce Rate

This is one of the important metrics to rank the page higher. It should be low and the landing page should be properly optimized.

4. Pogo Sticking

It is the displaying the search result that gets the most user engagement and lets down the ranking that gets the least user engagement. For an instance, when someone searches the query in the search engine then Google displays the results Number 1, 2 and 3. User clicks to search result number 1 and is not satisfied with it and turned to result from number 2. He is still not satisfied and clicks to result in number 3 and gets satisfied. Now according to RankBrain result number 3 will start displaying at the top and result number 1 will be dropped down. 

The main idea of RankBrain is to show the more relevant results by interpreting the meaning of the phrases instead of just focussing on words. The algorithm of RankBrain is effective in handling the complex long-tail queries by knowing that how they are connected to particular topics and displaying the results accordingly. Google tries to relate the similarities between the queries. It works on the principle by relating the phrases it has never dealt with before to the phrases to which it is familiar.

How to Optimize for RankBrain?

1. Expand Keyword List with Related Keywords

No longer have you needed to optimize the one keyword for one page. It is important to use the variations of keywords and optimize the keywords for latent semantic indexing or LSI with the related words.

2. Focus on Creating Quality Content

Quality content is the key to success when it comes to RankBrain. Google tries to provide the best results for search queries. In order to get more user engagement, produce the content for the users by answering all the questions they may ask.

3. Optimize for People and not for Search Engines

It is important to optimize the web pages for people. Focus on providing a better user experience. If people start preferring to see your content more and more then you will start ranking higher automatically through the Google Algorithm.

4. Ignore Long Tail Keywords

Earlier there were different search results for different long tail keywords queries. Now with the Rank Brain, there were the same search results for the long-tail keywords. Thus, it is better to optimize the web pages with medium-tail keywords.

5. Optimize the Meta tags

Create the title with powerful and emotional words to attract visitors and get the maximum click-through rates. You can add brackets and parenthesis to get the Title more appealing. You should use list type numbering in the Title. Optimize the description with powerful keywords. Make it look appealing as the user can’t stop clicking on it. Use the copy phrases from the paid ads. Don’t forget to include the target keyword.

6. Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase Dwell time

Put your content above the fold to get the maximum engagement. It is suggested to use short intros as people already know about the subject when they click. Publish long-form content. Use videos to increase the average time spent on the site. Optimize the landing page with best practices.

This is everything you should know about RankBrain in order to boost SEO efforts. Follow these tips and boost the rankings of the site.

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