Content Marketing Funnel And Marketing Funnel

Every funnel has three major stages- awareness or initial phase, consideration phase, and decision. As the funnel narrows down at the bottom and so are the potential buyers of your product or service.

What is Marketing Funnel?

The marketing funnel is the line at the bottom of your most potential customers who purchase frequently. At the middle level, there are a group of people who may purchase the product. At the top of this marketing, the funnel is the people who are still making a decision on whether to purchase a product or not. See the image of the marketing funnel below.

What is Content Marketing Funnel?

The content Marketing funnel is different from the marketing funnel as it can be converted at any stage whether it is discovery, consideration, conversion or retention. Check out the image below.


Stage1- Discovery

Goals- Indirect Customer Acquisition, Brand Awareness

Content Marketing Tactic- Educational content and viral content.

Explanation- This is the stage when people are seeking for information about the products or services. So target content which can fulfill their needs or solve their problems. If your content can satisfy them and looks appealing, they can keep your product in options for purchasing.

Actionable Tips

1.Generate content which creates brand awareness and brand loyalty.

2.Generate interest to consider your brand as the reliable brand among your audience.

3.Learn what they like and dislike about your products or services.

Type of Contents- Blog Posts, Checklists, E Books, Newsletters, Guides, Infographics, Whitepapers, Podcasts, Videos, Templates,Tutorials, Curated Content

Stage 2- Consideration

Goal- Direct Customer Acquisition

Content Marketing Tactic- Solutions to challenges

Explanation- In this stage, people are willing to know the pros and cons of products so that they can select the product which is best for them, So provide them solutions explaining the benefits of using the products or reasons for its supremacy.

Actionable Tips

1.Generate content that helps in evaluation or taking decision about your brand or service.

2.Create a content which differentiates your product from your competitors.

Type of Contents- Brochures, Case Studies, Free Samples, Webinars, Original Research Content

Stage 3- Conversion

Goal- Transaction with customers

Content Marketing Tactic- Product Descriptions and Unique Value Propositions

Explanation- This is the stage when people compare your products from others and look for answers of their queries, what people are saying about products. So provide them comparison charts or answers to their queries

Type of Contents- Reviews and Testimonials, Product Comparison Charts, FAQs, Product Demo Videos

Stage 4- Retention

Goal- Retention of existing customers

Content Marketing Tactic- Help or Support

Explanation- In this stage, people are your customers but turn them into your loyal customers by retaining them. Provide them help or assistance whenever required. Create positive image so that they can refer your products to friends and family.

Types of Content- New Products Launch, Newsletters announcing new products, Discounts, Customer support, special offers, emails, feedback forms, surveys.

So follow this content marketing funnel to target the right type of content considering goals and following the tactics and actionable tips.

Check the next chapter of this content marketing guide for creating a content marketing strategy.