Content Creation- How To Create An Effective Content?

Content creation is one of the most important parts of content marketing as all the outcomes are dependent on the way content is written. It should be effective enough to convert visitors into leads and leads into buyers of your product or service. Here are steps to writing effective content to persuade your readers to take appropriate action.

Step 1- Research

Research is the crucial step of content creation. Research for topic well on Quora, Yahoo Answers, Forum related to your niche, Google Trends, Buzzsumo. Select the topic which is popular on all these channels. Select the keywords using content marketing tools. Check the average search volume and select the main and related keywords. Long-tail keywords matter a lot. Use Long Tail Pro to find the right keywords for your content.

Step 2- Prepare an Outline

Prepare a rough draft or content suggestion document including main headings, subheadings, reference links, and other useful resources related to the topic. Create the main body and then finish up with the introduction and conclusion of the post.

Step 3- Write main Heading and Meta Tags

Prepare an attractive heading to get better CTRs (click-through rates). Use Coschedule headline Analyzer to calculate the score of your heading and optimize it. Prepare meta tags using the white hat SEO techniques and following SEO writing tips.

Step 4- Proofread

Check the content for grammatical errors and styles. Fix the errors and keep them unique bypassing the Copyscape test. Edit it a final time and add appropriate images and optimize them. Add the content to the CMS or give it to a developer to add the content. If you are adding the content to CMS then follow the blog post SEO checklist.

“Create Quality content Rather than Quantity”

Effective Content Writing Tips

  1. Create an attention grabbing the headline.
  2. Maintain the tone and relevancy of your content.
  3. Add a call to action and give readers chance to perform an action.
  4. Add a unique and value to the content.
  5. Write the way people search and not the way you want to write.
  6. Prepare a solid navigation by internal linking optimization.
  7. Target only one main keyword.
  8. Prepare a content which supports your brand.
  9. It should be error free.
  10. Follow best SEO practices and add storytelling wherever possible.

Common Grammar Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Use contractions such as isn’t rather is not.
  2. Write simple language without using high-level vocabulary words.
  3. Use the active voice more than passive voice.
  4. Be clear and concise about the topic you are writing.
  5. Use short sentences or paragraphs.
  6. Avoid fluffy words in the post.
  7. Adhere to the correct style.
  8. Be specific about the person you are targeting i.e first, second or third.
  9. Avoid using technical words or jargon.
  10. Double check your spellings and grammar.

Hope this chapter of the content marketing guide will help you to write effective content. Check out the next chapter of this content marketing guide for repurposing your content.