How to Promote or Distribute Your Content?

Content promotion is a crucial step in content marketing and requires more effort and time than actual creation. If you aren’t promoting the content, then it will be like a shop in town with no customers to buy the products. There are many ways to promote or distribute the content. First of all, let’s understand the best content promotion practices.

Best Content Promotion Practices

  1. Create a content promotion calendar and follow it to promote your content on different channels. You can fix the days and time to promote the posts according to the best time to post on different social media or other channels.
  2. Use segmentation in Google Analytics or other measurement tools to analyze your audience including age, gender, interests, location and target your content accordingly. You can also check out the best time of the days when tour audiences are active on your social networks
  3. Customize the message for each channel including proper tone, ways of communication and match the distribution networks.
  4. Experiment and optimize the data by regular testing including reach, frequency, engagement and conversion rates.
  5. Always monitor and analyze your promotional campaigns.

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Ways for Content Promotion

1. Influence Marketing

By performing influence marketing by connecting the influencer or industry leaders in your niche, you can reach a larger audience. Ask them to promote your content by paying or hiring them or relationship building. This helps in building a target audience rather than promoting your content to the broader audience.

1.Comment Marketing

By participating in discussions on blogs and social media, you can put a link in a natural way which provides useful information to the users. This also helps in building links and you can become an industry expert too. But follow the white hat SEO techniques or best SEO practices to post the comment.

2.Guest Posting

It is old but yet an effective method to direct traffic from authoritative websites and helps in building the brand reputation. This is also one of the most popular link building techniques.

3.Outreaching/ PR

You can outreach the experts in your industry by email to promote or share your content on their site or social networks. If they publish weekly round ups or monthly round-ups, you can ask them to add your content with a link. Publish PR on regular basis and distribute it across various PR networks.

4.Social Media

You can regularly post your content in different forms on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and build credibility and authority in your industry.

5.Email Marketing

It is an effective promotional channel to connect one to one with content. You can use newsletters, product promotional posts, surveys and feedback forms depending on the buying stage of your audience.


Repurpose your content in the form of ebook, checklist, guides, videos, podcasts. This gives more chance to connect with your target audience.

7.Answering Questions

Answer the relevant questions related to your niche on authoritative sites including Quora, yahoo answers, how.

Check the below infographic from Page Traffic to promote the content.

Source- Page traffic

Learn the analysis and measurement of Your content in the next chapter of this content marketing guide.