A Concise and Useful LinkedIn Marketing Guide for Beginners

LinkedIn is often an underutilized platform but trust me it is actually a great platform when it comes to lead generation or even building brand awareness, especially in the B2B industry. It should be used as a powerful resource for your social media content strategy.

Interesting Facts about LinkedIn 2022

LinkedIn has 810 million members

57% of LinkedIn users identify as men, with 43% identifying as women

4 out of 5 people on LinkedIn “drive business decisions”

93% of B2B content marketers use LinkedIn for organic social marketing

75% of B2B content marketers use LinkedIn ads

What is LinkedIn Marketing and why it’s important?

LinkedIn Marketing is to foster business relationships, generate leads and improve brand awareness. It’s a great platform when it comes to expanding the professional network. When it comes to performing social media marketing then generally Marketers put all their efforts on – Facebook, Twitter & Instagram but being the world’s largest network LinkedIn generates leads 227% more effectively than Facebook and Twitter, so it should be used effectively to drive results for businesses.

How to Use LinkedIn?

  1. Optimize your public profile URL

Make your public profile URL clean, clear and concise excluding numbers. You can perform this by clicking view profile>edit public profile. Here you can customize the URL including your first or last name or business name not already taken by another LinkedIn user.

2. Add a Professional LinkedIn Background

Provide your LinkedIn profile with a little more professionalism by adding a proper background. It should represent your business and attract the target audience. The recommended size is 1584X396 pixels and it can be jpeg, png, and must be under 8 MB.

3. Add, remove reorder LinkedIn sections

You can rearrange the LinkedIn sections in the order you want to display them based on priority. You can simply do this by hovering the mouse in a particular section. Your mouse will turn into a four arrow icon where you can position your section to be displayed.

4. Optimize profile for search engines

It is important that your LinkedIn profile is discoverable by search engines especially if it’s a brand profile. Target the key terms to stand out and get organic social traffic to your site.  This will also help you to drive leads and conversions.

5. Take Benefits from blog and website links

Add portfolio links and social profile networks to your LinkedIn profile. You can add website links and business information to get the clicks. This is a great channel to drive traffic and you can easily get it if you’re operating podcasts or blogs.

6. Be identifiable

Make sure that your LinkedIn connections can recognize your profile and the best way to perform it is to ensure that the profile name and headline are visible and identifiable.

7. Design your LinkedIn Page

Ensure that you fill out complete information and make your business page optimized featuring a compelling logo and header image.

Best Marketing Practices to Grow on LinkedIn

  • Find Target Audience

It’s very easy to find the target audience on LinkedIn by targeting the industry, company size and job roles that would be likely interested in buying. For example, if you’re targeting to sell time tracking software for business then you can target an audience having a company size of more than 100 employees.

  • Grow your email list

The best way to grow your email list is by sending a personalized note saying thank you for connecting. You can invite and add them to your email marketing list. Tell them the advantages of signing up for the email marketing list and offer them something convincing.

  • Use Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are a way of performing advertising and pushing the posts into the other’s LinkedIn feed. This need to be paid based per 1000 impressions and targeting is based on location, gender, and age. LinkedIn is different from other social networks in one key area is the ability to customize according to job title, job function, and skills. Sponsored posts are a great way to avoid direct advertising and marketing products or services by explaining the benefits of purchasing.

  • Add high-quality content

The main aim of quality content is to solve the problem and present you as an industry leader in that space. You can earn real value if you design content with an appropriate call to action.

  • Go Viral

Posting on LinkedIn itself is the most powerful tool to drive massive traffic and conversions. In case, your post becomes viral then you may get a chance to feature on one of the LinkedIn categories and your posts then become visible to thousands of readers.

  • Create and join groups and be active

Joining relevant groups is always recommended to target the right demographics. This is also a great way to reach people of similar interests and market your product or service to them. Creating a group is a good way to collaborate with people who are already interested in your brand and will likely to get more converted.

Wrapping it up!

LinkedIn is an underutilized platform but if used effectively and creating the right strategy using the best practices mentioned above then can yield better results, especially for B2B businesses.

Shruti Panwar

I am Digital Marketer having almost 8 years of professional experience and am fond of doing SEO projects. Today where everything is digitalized, I have created this site to learn digital marketing online.