8 Powerful Pay Per Click Account Management Tips to Maximize Conversions

The best thing about PPC is that it can be used by any type of business from small to big international companies. But the account management is essential, especially if there are a higher volume of keywords and client have direct response goals.      

“Pay Per Click Advertising Can Make or Break ROI of Any Business”

So, check out the actionable tips for effective pay-per-click account management to maximize the conversions.

  1. Right Usage of Keywords

This is one of the effective pay-per-click account management tips. It is essential to monitor the keyword and search term reports and capitalize high-performing keywords. At the same time, pausing the keywords that are not performing well saves the additional cost. Add negative keywords by generating the list in the keyword planner and excluding them from the campaign. In addition, select the proper match type from the broad, phrase, and exact keeping in mind the goals of the client.

  1. Exact Match: When you want to target the ad for the exact words like “black jeans”

2. Phrase Match: When you want to trigger the ad for the words before or after the exact words like “black jeans men”

3. Broad Match: When you want the ad to show for the search queries in any order with the target words like “black denim jeans”

2. Ad Scheduling & Bid Adjustments

Check the reach and frequency report and run the ads when your visitors are active. Enable Ad scheduling settings in campaigns and utilize this feature for the optimum use of the budget. Also, set the bid adjustments for the targeting method like the topic, audience, etc. You can also set the bid adjustments for devices to run the ads and reach your target audience. Execute the campaign settings for the location and raise the bids for your target locations to get maximum returns on the investment.

3. Ad Rotation

This is an essential feature to maximize the conversions from pay per click accounts. Enable this feature In the campaign settings and rotate the ad through several different versions to find out the best performing ad. Optimize it for conversions as you may or may not get the conversions when you optimize it for clicks to improve the return on investment goal.

4. Enable Enhanced CPC

Enhanced CPC is used to raise the bid automatically when there are more chances of conversions. The main advantage of using this is you can get more conversions even if you don’t have that much historical data for conversions.

5. Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions are of two types – Manual & Automatic. Manual extensions include Location extensions, App extensions, Call extensions, Review extensions, Site Link Extensions, Call-out extensions. Automatic extensions include previous visits, seller ratings, consumer ratings. So check out which extension is the best for your industry and add it now. As it will definitely increase the click-through rates (CTRs) by providing additional information about your ad.

6. Improve Quality Score

By improving the quality score, you can reduce the Max CPC of an ad and save cost. Quality score is based on various factors, including the landing page, ad format and ad relevance. You should have great landing pages that yield conversions. By following AdWords guidelines, you can make the best ad copy by having a proper ad format. Ad relevancy is crucial to reduce the bounce rate and provide a better user experience. Optimize all these factors and make your ad high performing to improve the quality score and thus lower max CPC.

7. Test & Test…..

It is important to test the different variations of ad and landing pages by doing A/B testing or split testing. By running the experiments PPC Manager can analyze and monitor the reports. He then knows about the best-performing landing page or an ad.

8. Link Google AdWords & Google Analytics

It is important to link the Google Analytics & Google AdWords accounts to track the goals and conversions. After linking them, you can add four custom columns in the campaign settings and measure the important metrics. Custom columns are Bounce rate, Pages/Visit, Average Visit Duration, % New Visits. As a result, you can now properly analyze the data and optimize the campaign and pay per click account in a better way. This will help you take an important decision to drive more conversions.

So follow these eight actionable tips pay per click account management tips and maximize the conversions.

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