8 Powerful Link Building Techniques to Gain Traffic to the Site

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Link Building is still a crucial contributor in uplifting the ranking of keywords and driving massive traffic to the site. It is one of the ranking factors and building links will significantly improve the SEO efforts. Here are the effective link-building techniques to gain traffic to the site.

  1. Strategic Guest posting

This is old school technique but still matters in SEO as it is built through posting content on high authority sites. Make sure to create the original content and not for the sake of building just links. You can use a similar web to know the important statistics of the site like traffic, location, and traffic source.

  •  Create & Promote Infographics

The visual element plays a vital role in driving the massive traffic to the site so create an infographic and share it on high domain authority sites like visual.ly, Slideshare, Flickr, etc. Infographics help in leveraging the site traffic in quick time.

  • Be active on social media

Social signals play a crucial role in improving the domain authority of the site. Sharing and promoting the content on social media not only will drive massive traffic to the site but will also help in conversions and boost the sales of the brand.

  • Use Broken Link Building Strategy

This method is one of the best techniques to utilize the competitor’s backlink and leverage the SEO efforts by replacing their broken link with the relevant link on the site. This is not only an effective method but it also helps in getting the most of the competitor’s traffic.

  • Grow your personal Brand

Instagram is the best platform to create branding. You can schedule the post on Instagram using the Buffer tool. This will help to boost the keyword ranking by using them as hashtags as exact terms.

  • Scrap Competitor’s Backlinks

This is the easiest way and most powerful technique to improve the authority of the domain. You can use tools such ahref, SEMrush and scrap the competitor’s best and high authority backlinks and build the links.

  • Create Link building roundups

There are many good sites that use weekly or monthly roundups so search them by using search operators like intitle: roundups, inurl: roundups. You can also append words monthly or weekly. Here you can ask the site owners to add your shareable content to their site by letting them know why it’s useful for them.

  • Reclaim Links through Social Mention

Twitter is a great platform to utilize your mentions in worthy links. You can build a profile on Twitter by posting the content and using hashtags as your keywords. Then you can use mentions to contact the site owner to link your site with mentions.

Bonus Tip

Monitor your backlinks to keep them clean and authoritative using the tools such as SEMrush or ahref. Make your backlink profile healthy by submitting the spammy links to disavow in the search console regularly. This will help you to free the site from all the google penalties.

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