8 Key SEO Metrics You Should Know & Track in 2022

There is a number of key SEO metrics that help the web pages to rank higher in the search engine result pages and drive a lot of organic traffic. In this article, check the 8 key SEO metrics you should track in 2022 to stay ahead in the competition.

1.  Number of Clicks

You can track the number of clicks in the Search console. This metric lets you know the number of organic clicks and search queries generated by those clicks on your site. You can analyze the monthly report to determine the queries which are responsible for generating the most clicks. The report will also enable you to see the elements of landing pages that are driving those clicks.  To get this report, go to Search Traffic in the search console and then click search analytics.

2. Bounce Rate

This is one of the important SEO metrics to measure and improve the performance of the site. When someone visits your website and leaves without visiting the other pages then Google analytics considers this as the 100% bounce rate. The reason for the high bounce rate is the poor landing page. The users aren’t getting the information they are looking for resulting in a higher bounce rate.  On the other hand, if you could provide the relevant answer for the search queries they are looking for in the search engines then enticing the visitors to your page will help to lower down the bounce rate.  The path for this report is behavior >Site Content>Landing Pages.

3. Goal Completion

The role of goals is vital in SEO campaigns. There is a report to determine the value of the goal, the conversion rate, and the number of goal completions.  In fact, you can filter the results to access the report of organic traffic and calculate the return on investment obtained from the unpaid SEO efforts.  Set your goals under the admin section by clicking the views and then adding the marketing goals. The path for this report is to check under the “conversions” tab for the goals and overview section. You can add the segment and choose the organic traffic from the list. 

4.  Exit Pages

It is important to know on which pages the visitors are exiting or leaving the site. By knowing the highest rank of the pages that are causing the visitors to move elsewhere, you can improve the performance of that landing page.  You can add the clear call to action button. This will help to engage the users and visits to the other pages of the site by clicking the CTA. For checking this SEO metric, you have to follow the path of Behavior>Site Content> Exit pages.

5.  Ranking of the Keywords

The ranking of keywords plays a vital role in driving huge organic traffic to the site. By knowing which keywords are more searchable in the form of search queries by visitors of the site, you can improve the rankings in the SERPs. You can check this report under the “Queries” report in the search console. In fact, you can check the other important SEO metrics in the keyword report such as Click-through rate, the number of impressions, and Google rankings.

6. Crawl Errors

If Google’s bots are not crawling some pages of your site then chances of appearing in the search results will be slim to none.  You can access this report by clicking the ‘crawl error’ under the crawl section in the search console.  In this report, you will come to know the exact pages that are been blocked for the bots to read and index them.  Fix the errors and you will have the site not blocked by the bots which are important for you to rank them in the search engine result pages.

7.  Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

AMPs are the pages that load extremely fast on mobile devices providing a better experience to the users.  With the mobile-first indexing update, it is important to have the mobile version of the site appear higher in the search results. To view this report, click

“Accelerated Mobile Pages” under the search appearance section in the search console. In order to know how to measure the AMPs in Google Analytics, check out this video.

8.  Inbound Links to the Site

Backlinks always play a huge role in improving the authority of the site plus maintaining the rank in the search engine result pages. The inbound links also contribute to the referral traffic to the site. In order to view this SEO metric, go to the Acquisition>All Traffic> Referral and see all the mediums.

These are the important SEO metrics that you should track in 2022. Follow them and improve the rankings in the search engine result pages and drive huge traffic to the site that ultimately increases the ROI.

Shruti Panwar

I am Digital Marketer having almost 8 years of professional experience and am fond of doing SEO projects. Today where everything is digitalized, I have created this site to learn digital marketing online.