7 Useful Features of Google AdWords you should be using

There are features that add up in Google AdWords and there are some features that are demoted. Google AdWords is changing day by day and it’s therefore important to stay updated to boost the conversions. In this post, check the seven useful features of Google AdWords you should be using to see the improvements.

1. Image Ad Creator

Image Ad Creator is helpful in creating ads. It allows you to create rich media ads with different dimensions in seconds.  You can add a headline description and call to action and it will create several ads. You can create an ad by clicking the “+New ad” button within the display network ad group and then clicking “Image ad”.

2. Matching keywords + Modifiers

Most of the budgets are occupied without generating any profit due to irrelevant search queries. Broad matching keywords allow you to add + sign as a modifier.  You can also add phrase match and exact match keywords. When Google shows unrelated terms then it has a bad impact and is often costly one.  Here is the list of queries for the different match keywords respectively.

3. Search Terms Report

It is an important report which should be monitored on daily basis. It allows you to show the actual keywords people typed to see your ads. In Fact, you can use this data to add the negative keywords to exclude from the campaign. You can find this option by following this path Keywords> Details >Search Terms.

4. Auction Insights

It is good to know the auction report what other people are bidding and how they are doing in comparison to you. This feature is located within the keywords tab under details. You can closely look at the metrics to get success.

5. Keyword Diagnosis

This tool shows the correct search ads for correct search terms by eliminating internal competition between keywords. You’ll find this feature in the keyword tab under details. It will allow you to check why particular keywords are showing and why others aren’t showing.

6. AdWords Editor

If you require performing bulk operations then you can make offline changes. These changes will be reflected in the account later on. You can make changes such as bid adjustments, search functions and filtering. You can download the AdWords Editor directly from Google.

7. Time lag Reporting

You should know the buying cycle if you’re selling products. The search funnel report shows you how much time it will take to convert the visitor to your site.  You will find it in the” tools and analysis” tab and then click “conversions”. Select “Search Funnel” after that in the bottom left corner. You will then get the option in the left as a “time lag”. It will also be helpful in providing you an idea to perform the remarketing as you will come to know the exact time for conversions.

These are some of the Google AdWords features that are underutilized. Start utilizing them and see the key differences you will get. This will definitely boost the conversions to the site.

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