7 Instagram Hacks to Get More Engagement

Instagram is one of the most used platforms with around 1 billion active users but getting followers and likes can be challenging. In this post, check out the useful hacks that can help you get more engagement.

  • Always respond to comments & respond

Responding to your own comment is not only an essential takeaway to get the most engagement but you also need to comment on influencers’ pages to drive traffic to your own profile. Instagram follows the most content algorithm and favors organic engagement and will show the posts more often within the first hour of posting.

  • Make your Stories Interesting

It’s always a good practice to add the story to your profile when someone mentions it. You can also show your appreciation by reposting their stories to your profile. When someone mentions you, then you will get the notifications when your brand is tagged so make the most use of it. It’s pretty easy you just need to go to the notification and click the feature ‘Add this to your story’ then you can customize and by adding the stickers, Gifs and of course texts. This whole process is called ‘story caption’.

  • Find the Right Time to Post

Perform different tests to figure out which times and days are best to post. You can measure the results in the insights or Google Analytics. Every brand is unique so can you initially start with the Instagram general scheduling timings and then can analyze and create your own time scheduling. You can use a tool like Preview to schedule, monitor, and analyze the results. Here is the post to guide you and find the right time to post

  • Power of Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to discover your brand, especially for a large audience. Make sure to use the relevant hashtags and avoid using too many. You can also use hashtags while posting stories to attract more people. In fact, you can analyze the reach of hashtags in the insights of your stories. Try leveraging the trendy and popular hashtags to get better engagement rates.

  • Use Story Feature to Promote new Post/Product

Promoting new posts or product launches can work great when promoted in the form of stories. According to statistics, 400 million users watch Instagram stories every day. Try using gifs, texts, and stickers to capture the interest of the audience.

  • Add User Generated Content by Audience

It’s been observed that the user-generated content generates 4.5% more engagement. Use your mentions or posts people tagged you mentioning your brand by the Repost app. You can also encourage more and more people to tag you in their posts by mentioning it in your bio.

  • Do Live Events

Try to use branded hashtags and encourage attendees to use them. Leverage your Instagram posts and stories in your live events. Remember to make use of the story highlight feature. Live events encourage more engagements with your posts and brand.

Wrapping it up!

These Instagram Hacks will help you to get more engagement, brand loyalty, and conversions while growing your dedicated follower base. Also, these will help more and more people to discover what your brand has to offer.   

Shruti Panwar

I am Digital Marketer having almost 8 years of professional experience and am fond of doing SEO projects. Today where everything is digitalized, I have created this site to learn digital marketing online.