6 SEO Tips to Improve the Rank of Site

Search Engine Optimization is the process to improve the visibility of a site or blog in search engines. There are numerous SEO factors responsible for ranking the site higher in search engine result pages. Here are the six SEO tips to increase the rank of your site.

1.            Proper Keyword Research

Keyword research techniques have changed a lot in the past few years especially with the advent of the Rank Brain algorithm. According to this algorithm, search engines will show up the best result that matches with the queries. Thus SEO specialists should select the keywords according to the intent of users. Long-tail keywords will be the key to success. Keywords should be chosen based on Google instant results, latest trends, and related keywords suggested at the end of search results.

2.            Competitor Analysis

It is always best practice to spy the keywords of your competitors and utilize them to optimize the site. To improve the authority of the site, it is crucial to build quality links. The backlink analysis will help to identify the quality backlinks of the competitors and can be utilized to improve the authority and rank of the site. You can also explore the content opportunities and build relevant and unique content by taking an idea from the competitor’s site.

3.            Meta Tags Optimization

This is one of the most important SEO tips to improve rank. Optimization of Meta tags including meta title, meta description, heading tags is crucial to improving the visibility of web pages in search engines. Place the main keyword once in the title, description, and H1 or H2 tag of the post. Avoid the overstuffing of keywords in the Meta tags. Meta Title should be magnetic, interesting and optimized to appear higher in the search engine result pages. The Meta description should be descriptive justifying the title to get the most of the clicks. This will improve the click-through rate or CTRs of the web pages of the site.

4.            Optimize the Site

A site should be optimized keeping in mind the user experience and usability of the site. Provide the proper navigation; add social sharing buttons, links to the social profiles, add breadcrumbs. Optimize the speed of the site by reducing the size of the image under 100 KB and minifying the JS and CSS scripts. A site should take less than 5 seconds to load for a better user experience. Add the main keyword to the ALT text of an image. Minimize the usage of the pop-ups and ads as users are there for the information and not for the ads.

5.            Create Quality Content

Content is the key to success in Digital Marketing. Create less but create quality content to improve the rank of the site or blog. Content should be 100% unique, relevant, targeted, long-form content. User-generated content is getting a lot of attention in 2017. The right content should be created and a targeted understanding of where a buyer is in the buyer’s journey is the key to driving the massive traffic. It will also boost the conversions to the site as the right content is targeted to the right people at right time.

6.            Build Quality Links

This is one of the crucial SEO tips as bad backlinks can affect the site seriously resulting in a significant drop in the rankings. Build less but build quality links on the authoritative sites having high Domain and page authority. Links earning techniques have become popular in the last few years.  It includes the SEO techniques such as Link baiting, link round-ups, infographic submissions. Guest posting is an old link-building technique but still a popular method to build links. Citation building is one of the most important tips for SEO to rank the website in the local 3 pack search results.

The Bottom Line

Follow these SEO tips and SEO trends to improve the visibility of your site in search engines. This will not only help to improve the rank but also drive massive traffic and conversions to the site.

Shruti Panwar

I am Digital Marketer having almost 8 years of professional experience and am fond of doing SEO projects. Today where everything is digitalized, I have created this site to learn digital marketing online.