5 Useful Ways to Combine the Power of Email Marketing and SEO

SEO is the primary source of traffic and email marketing helps in generating the leads. Let’s see how can we blend them to get the amplified results. In this post, check out the five ways to integrate email marketing and SEO tactics and get powerful results.

Useful Ways to Integrate Email Marketing & SEO

  • Utilize the Email to Promote the Link Building Content

Email Marketing is known for the generation of leads but you can combine the power of SEO to get massive traffic and quality leads. You can distribute content like infographics, and blog posts through email to attract visitors and improve the inbound links and page authority as well. The traffic contributing to the page can be converted into potential leads.

  • Optimize the Top Performing Content

Analyze the email data and observe what contents are performing best and providing better click-through rates. If you’re performing email marketing for a long time then you should have great historical data to analyze and get insights. Utilize all these findings in search optimization efforts to drive better results. Optimize your top-performing keywords and incorporate them in email marketing campaigns.

  • Measure the results of SEO prior to sending an Email

You can analyze the top-performing pages that are driving massive traffic and make enhancements to offer better in your email marketing campaigns. Brand awareness building in this way can help in increasing the click-through rates. This will also help to get quality and better leads which can later get converted to customers as well.

  • Make use of the Landing Pages

Use the power of landing pages and promote them in your email campaigns. You can perform A/B testing for different titles, URLs, and email messages to analyze which campaigns are generating better results. You can also use the high-performing keywords in your email campaign to obtain higher click-through rates. Make sure that optimize the content of the landing page as well before shooting them in email campaigns.

  • Focus on creating the engaging template for Link Building

The main aim of link building is to promote your content to as many people as possible and get traffic as well. But simply sending the content isn’t enough, creating engaging content is equally important in attracting the visitors. Use social sharing buttons and keep the email template message clear and concise. You can also use the power of email marketing in shooting the emails for outreach link building activities, broken link building, infographic linking to a high authority page and many more. This will not only help in driving the massive traffic to the site but it will also increase the overall authority of the site and later contribute to getting the high-quality leads.

The Bottom Line

These are the five effective ways and well-researched tactics to combine the power of email marketing and search engine optimization to drive the massive traffic, get quality leads and improve the conversions which can then significantly contribute to the revenue of the brand.

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