5 Marketing Campaign Ideas to Engage your customer

Are you lacking with the marketing campaign ideas?

Here are the top five marketing campaign ideas that will help to engage with your customers and help in driving sales or conversions on the site.

What is a marketing campaign?

A marketing campaign is a promotional task every brand does to leverage the business goals. These can include content creatives like blogs, video ads and marketing channels including email marketing and social media marketing.

Benefits of Marketing Campaigns

  1. Build awareness for the brand.
  2. Helps in getting engagement for new product or sales.
  3. Boost customer engagement and satisfaction
  4. Improve sales and revenue for the brand
  5. Improves the customer lifetime value.

Choose your marketing goal and channel properly using SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-sensitive) and multi-channel marketing.

Below are the five marketing ideas that will enhance the marketing efforts so adapt these ideas and drive more sales and revenue.

  1. Create educational campaign to inform customers

Educational marketing campaigns build a solid starting point to improve sales and raise awareness with new and existing customers. You can create informative or instruction-based marketing campaigns across the social media marketing channels like YouTube including videos. Twitter is a popular channel for promoting content or blog. For ads, Facebook is the right channel to reach the right audience in quick time and boost the sales to the site.

2. Engage customers with User Generated content campaigns.

The user generates campaigns are the best way to promote and engage the customers organically. This will persuade customers to buy in the product life cycle. Customers find the used generated content immersive and this helps in generating high revenue on the site. User-generated content always helps in building high authority to the site and improving the product marketing life cycle.

3. Build a referral program

Referrals help the customers to earn after suggesting to their friends or relatives the product or service. This is the most important marketing campaign idea for an eCommerce site. Referrals are also useful during the launch of new products or services to drive sales.

4. Create Contest

Contests are the best among all the marketing ideas as it helps to engage the customers and that too in fixed deadlines. The content for the contest should be well researched and should ask for engagements. These include following, @ for mention and, # for promoting. This will help to target a large audience. You can also give special discounts to the customers through coupons.

5. Ask for Reviews

This is the best activity you can do to make your marketing campaign more engaging and get good results in a short life span. The best way to do is you should give special discounts to loyal or frequent customers by asking them to add the reviews to the last purchase. Also, ask customers to add feedback through social media channels like Facebook or email. Study material from existing customers to win over the new ones.

Follow the above marketing ideas to engage your customers and attract the audience and traffic to the site along with increase in revenue.

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