Important White Hat Techniques to Enhance Traffic in 2022

White Hat SEO Techniques can significantly increase your traffic in 2021. Here is the list of five effective white hat SEO techniques.

  1. Perform Mobile Optimization

Due to the recent update of mobile-first indexing, Google will give preference to the mobile version first. So, optimize the mobile version to load at a faster rate on mobile devices. Also, check the engagement metrics of the mobile devices to fill the gaps and fix all the issues. Monitor Google Analytics data, including time spent, bounce rate, traffic on the mobile devices. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) is also an effective way to load the page almost in 0.5 seconds for improving the user experience. Having Carousel results for AMPs is an effective way to reach the target audience. So mobile optimization is the effective white hat SEO technique that yields positive results.

2. Use Schema Mark-Ups

Schema markup implementation is one of the most important White hat SEO techniques. Choose the right schema for your business and implement the right schema for organization, product, person, pricing, event, website, reviews, articles, videos according to the requirement. This will definitely increase the click-through rates of the meta descriptions due to additional and important information. To know more details, check and add the JSON-LD code by validating it in structured data testing tools by Google. If it is error-free then you can add the code to the website.

3. Proper Keyword Research

Proper keyword research is an effective white hat SEO technique. According to Rank Brain, Google uses machine language and can easily detect synonyms, stemming, and answers. It gives preference to the context rather than the meta tags. The current keyword tools take this factor into consideration by creating things, including Parent Topics and Keyword Groups. Avoid keyword stuffing and don’t add only the variation of phrases but only the relevant keywords. So, using proper keywords is crucial for boosting traffic and conversions.

4. Use Quality Content

When it comes to creating content, quality matters than quantity. So create less but ensure the top quality. Also, develop the content by understanding the buyer’s persona and buyer’s journey not only to get the relevant traffic but also more conversions. Optimize the content, including meta title and description, headings, sub-headings by using proper keyword placements. Use related and latent semantic indexing in the content marketing strategy of your business. Follow the SEO content writing tips to optimize the blog.

5. Follow Link Earning Techniques

In 2016 after Google released Penguin Update 4.0, link earning techniques are getting more value than black hat SEO techniques such as bulk link submission. Penguin 4.0 is a part of Google’s core algorithm and filter the individual web pages rather than the whole domain. It penalizes the web page for spam. So, in case, your site is affected by Penguin 4.0 update, then follow the link-building strategies.

Also, adopt effective link earning techniques including content outreach methods, exchanging links through relationship building, broken links building. You can also utilize link building through content, including link round-ups, link baiting, and guest posts. Visual elements are very popular, so infographic submission with on the link pointing to your website can also be an effective strategy.

So, follow these white hat SEO techniques and double your traffic.

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