15 Actionable SEO Tips to Boost Your Traffic in 2022

If you are you looking to drive quick organic traffic then you have landed in the right place. SEO is a constantly changing channel of marketing. Therefore, you have to remain updated with the latest and actionable SEO tips in order to drive massive traffic to the site and improve sales.

 In this post check out the latest SEO tips and tricks that are effective in boosting traffic in 2022 and achieving long-lasting results.

Let’s quickly dive in.

15 Actionable SEO Tips

1. Improve the Site/Page Load Time

This is one of the most important SEO tips. Site loading time is vital when it comes to providing a great user experience to the visitors. There are many key points on which page or site load time depends and they’re-

i. Redirects – There should be minimum redirects and so it is important to add the right permalinks in the URL including the target keyword.

ii. Heavy images- Images should be optimized in order to load fast on the web pages. You can use tools such as GIMP to reduce the image size without losing the resolution. Recommended image size is 100 Kb

iii. CSS and JS Scripts- These scripts increase the loading time of the site. Therefore it is vital to minify or compress the js and css scripts using WordPress plugin Better WordPress Minify or other methods.

The best way to improve the loading time of the site is using the CDN network and caching WordPress plugin WP Super Cache. You can also add and implement Accelerated Mobile pages to load super quickly on mobile devices. Ideally, the speed loading time is under 3 seconds.

2. Prepare for Rank Brain

RankBrain is one of the vital SEO Tips Google considers. It is the machine learning algorithm that uses artificial intelligence displays the search results after sorting them. It is the third most important factor after links and content. Google RankBrain mainly works on two major factors. Firstly, the understanding of the search queries and secondly, measuring the interaction of the visitors with search results. There are three metrics on which these factors are based- CTR, dwell time and bounce rate. For improving the presence in the search results, it is important to have high CTR, high dwell time and low bounce rates. If you want to know the more details then check everything you need to know about Google RankBrain.

3. Write Clickable Meta Title

The title tag is the 60-70 characters sentence which concisely explains what the web page is all about. You should place the most important keywords in the title. It should be unique and relevant which entice the searchers and they click it in the search engine results. Avoid stuffing keywords in it and keep it meaningful. Make sure your heading or H1 tag is different from the title. For best results, place the keywords in the beginning. It is crucial to writing for the humans instead of search engines.  You can also check Title Optimization Tips for more details.

4. Add Attractive Meta Description

Meta Description is the short summary of 150-160 characters to describe the content of the web page. It also appears in the social media posts as an excerpt in the sharable link. The tone of the Meta description should be conversational that attract the searchers to click on them. This will help to increase the click-through rate and driving the massive traffic to the site. You can also enhance the Meta description by applying the schema mark-ups for reviews, site links, price, etc. For a better understanding of writing the compelling Meta description, check How to write Meta description to increase the CTR?

5. Utilize the Untapped Power of GSC

Google search console is an effective platform to fix all the technical errors, soft 404 error, crawl error issues, server error issues, etc. You can also submit the sitemap to the Google Search Console. Most importantly, you can see the search queries, their impressions, their CTRs and positions to improve your keyword list and combine this all to optimize the web pages. This will help to drive the massive traffic to the site. You can check the Google Search console guide by Backlinko for better understanding. https://backlinko.com/google-search-console

6. Use Google Analytics Tool

Add the Google Analytics code to your site and verify it to know the most important statics of your website. You will be able to know traffic sources such as organic, direct, social and referral. For better results, connect your Google search console and Google analytics account. You will be able to see the two important reports- queries and landing pages data.

7. Regularly create Fresh content and update the old one

Google hates thin content and hence it is vital to creating fresh and high-quality content regularly which will increase the online visibility of the site. On the other hand, it is equally important to regularly update the old content with the latest happenings and current trends. This will improve the authority of domain and most importantly audience will trust the site.

8. Create Right Keyword Strategy

This is a crucial aspect when we talk about SEO Tips for website. Keywords are the backbone of SEO and other digital marketing activities. Therefore it is important to plan the right keyword strategy. It should be based on the intent of the user. Keywords should be targeted knowing the various stages of marketing funnel including awareness, conversion and retention. Long tail keywords can be used in the content to serve the specific results of the searchers and most importantly they drive huge traffic. They are also helpful in the voice search results. For the small business, local keywords play a vital role in ranking higher in search engine results pages and driving massive traffic to the site. So add the location-specific keywords as it is one of the most effective SEO tips for small businesses.

9. Mobile optimization

This is the most essential SEO tips because customers spend most of their time on mobile. Optimizing results for mobile devices is providing the customized experience to the searchers adjusting the content in the small screen providing the great user experience. Videos should be compatible with mobile devices. It is advised to make the content scrollable instead of clicking through the multiple pages. Buttons on the site should be easy to locate and use for the mobile devices. Use the responsive templates for most of the content including emails. In addition, use accelerated mobile pages to serve the results fast on mobile devices.

9. Explore Creative Link building opportunities

This is one of the crucial SEO tips. Building high-quality links are important to improve the domain authority of the site. Post penguin update link earning techniques are becoming more popular than traditional link building. Broken link building, link reclamation and link building by infographic submission are some of the trendy techniques to build quality links. Linkbait, link roundups, outreaching to link existing content are also helpful in building the effective links. Some of the old techniques such as guest posting and citation building are still suitable for link building.

10. Use Readable URLs

Make the URL SEO friendly by targeting the main keyword keeping it short and simple so that both humans and search engines can understand it. Use the hyphens in the URL instead of underscores. Avoid using the capital letters in the URL. Block the bad URLs using robots.txt. Add mobile URLs to the sitemap in order to provide a good user experience. Remember to put the canonical tag on duplicate URL to avoid the penalty. Add the 301 redirect to the broken URLs to enhance the experience of users.

11. Perform Social Sharing

This is one of the most important SEO tips for new website for driving massive traffic to the site. Social sharing helps to boost the organic rankings in the search engine results. The links in the social media posts get crawled and indexed quickly. Social media sharing helps to improve the domain authority of the site which ultimately increases the rankings. It also helps to get more quality backlinks and build a strong follower base. Social sharing is effective in building brand awareness and strong online reputation of the brand.

12. Analyze Backlinks

You should analyze the backlinks of your site as well as of your competitors. Analyzing the link for your site helps to know the quality and bad links. You should disavow the bad incoming links to your site. On the other hand, analyze the backlinks of the competitors to see how much quality links they are getting, number of links and type of links from the referred domains. This will help you to craft the successful SEO strategy to outperform your competitors in the search engine rankings.

13. Monitor Keyword Rankings

Keyword Monitoring not only helps to know the position of all your keywords but also to create the strategies to improve your SEO efforts. So monitor keyword rankings regularly and fix the problems immediately to improve the position of them in SERPs

15. Optimize Images

Images are important elements for displaying the content visually and attract the audience to view your content. Add ALT tag for the images including the main keyword of the post or page. The image should not be very heavy so optimize them with the recommended image size of 100 KB.

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