12 Ultimate Tips essential for Title optimization

The title is the first thing that the user looks at in SERPs. Use the below tips to optimize Title

  1. Maintain the character limits: Title length should be between 0- 70 characters
  2. Position of Keywords:  Try to place keywords in beginning as users read near about first 15 characters.
  3. Long Tail Keywords or Keyword Phrases: Don’t use generic keywords instead try to use Keyword Phrases. Thus, for example, if your website is about Hotels then don’t use ” hotels” only.
  4. Use Modifiers: Modifiers are being searched by users, so try to include words like “best”, “reviews”.
  5. Include Numbers or List type Title: Numbers or List type  increase the ranking in the SERPs so include it in Title such as “5 Tips on using copper water purifiers.
  6. Separate keywords with Pipe (|) or Hyphen (-): Hyphens and pipes are important as they give results for queries such as “web development’ as well as “web development”.
  7. Use  Acronyms: Keeping in mind user’s perspective of searching it can be “Search Engine Optimization” as well “SEO” so use both variations in writing Title.
  8. Unique Title for unique Webpages: This SEO practice is useful from the user point of view as to select the Url in SERPs. In the below example, it is shown that all 3 Titles are same, so users will get confused to select one required url.
  9. Title for Home page: Use the name of website as title followed by tagline using keywords or phrases of what the website is all about. Never start the Title with The or welcome as it is difficult for users to search in SERPs
  10. Title for other pages: Start the Title with the keywords followed by company name

Note: For Local SEO,

Target Keyword + Target Location

Company Name may not be used as the user have come to your page probably knows the company name

  1. Don’t use too many keywords: Placing too many keywords will result in keyword stuffing and you  get penalized for it.
  2. Don’t use many synonyms: Using many synonyms will be wastage of character limit as Google recognizes synonyms.

Conclusion: Use the above tips to optimize Title but keep in mind that your Title should justify the content. If the user will not get what he is looking for by clicking Title, There will be a high bounce rate.

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